St Weonards Dog Friendly 1

Hi again Dog Pals,

Last weekend I was invited to stay at the dog friendly St Weonards Hotel in Paignton, Devon.

Vicky & Leigh are extremely welcoming and absolutely LOVE dogs! They have a puppy of their own called Bea and there are lots of dog pictures on the walls as you go up the stairs.

Vicky & Leigh made a conscious decision to make St. Weonards dog friendly as even though lots of the pubs in Paignton are dog friendly, not many guest houses allow dogs to stay.

When we got to our room, there was nothing specific to welcome me which was a bit disappointing. Vicky & Leigh did tell Hum later that they can provide dog bowls, beds and even food if required but it would have been nice if they had just put a bowl and some treats waiting for me in the room to make me feel at home.

Leigh said they don’t always know if someone is bringing a dog with them, but if they do know, I think a welcome note/bowl/treats in the room would be a nice touch. Also, Hum thought as they are at the seaside and dogs are likely to get wet and sandy, the provision of towels to dry your pet might be a good idea. They could have them in the front porch for when you come in from the beach….

That aside, Vicky & Leigh couldn’t have been more welcoming themselves and made a HUGE fuss of me and all the other dogs that visited.

Our room was a family room and so therefore was a little bit crowded with furniture to accommodate a couple with 2 children. This meant that the layout wasn’t great for Hum’s hair and make-up (but I am sure not everyone needs quite as much make-up to look good as Hum does 😉). The hanging space also didn’t really allow for dresses as there was a chest of drawers under it.

Having said that, the room was really nicely decorated and extremely clean – I mean super duper clean! Also, Hum liked the bathroom as it had a rain shower so a BIG plus there. Leigh & Vicky are gradually doing up all the rooms and bathrooms. Vicky showed Hum some of the other rooms and Hum said they were beautifully decorated. Also, even though none of the rooms are very big, Vicky had tried to ensure there were mirrors near power points for hair drying and lit up bathroom mirrors for make-up. They are putting a lot of time and thought into St. Weonards to make it a lovely home from home for people to stay in. It is also excellent value for money!

Vicky & Leigh are super friendly and really engage with all their guests. They even re-froze our cool blocks so that Hum could keep my raw food fresh and put some of it in their fridge also!

We all slept very well and woke refreshed for the day ahead.

I wasn’t allowed in the dining room but there was a jar of treats in there so Hum and GlennDad brought me some after breakfast.

They rated the breakfast highly – excellent bacon and Hum had dippy eggs with soldiers which she said were perfect.

Vicky & Leigh then told us all the best dog friendly places to visit. The beach in Paignton is dog friendly from October to May so I was able to play on there. If you come during the restricted time, you can walk to the next bay – Goodrington where North Beach is dog friendly all year round.

The Pier in Paignton is also dog friendly! I took a look but wasn’t a fan of all the noisy games machines. I prefer the beach.

Vicky & Leigh also told us the best dog friendly eateries; parks and attractions. I will tell you more about those another time….

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at St. Weonards and can highly recommend it as a place to stay. If your humans want to visit Paignton and take you with them, then do please stay at St. Weonards and say a BIG ‘HI’ from me. I LOVED it and would go back anytime Hum & GlennDad want to take me.

Zuki xx